RARE stands for "Real Authentic. Real Etiquette." RARE is not just apparel, it’s our passion. The story of RARE is a story of affinity. Our ambition is to pay homage to the city that made us: Windsor, Ontario, Canada. Intertwined within each thread of our fabric, you will find relentless creativity, attention to detail, and uncompromising soul.  

Our concept is quite simple: Promote Windsor and the surrounding area! To achieve this, we focus on:

The product - Create uniquely-designed, limited edition (small batch, not mass-produced) apparel and accessories that are inspired by our area.

The people - Collaborate with local artists, designers, thinkers, creators, and innovators to produce exceptional products that not only employ the people we work with, but also highlight the many talented and passionate people in our region.

Our promise is a devotion to share with our customers our truly exclusive, creative designs. Each of our designs tells a story of our city, and our mission is to share our story with you.

RARE Apparel (est. 2016) is based out of Windsor, Ontario, Canada. We make every effort to incorporate Windsor into our products. Everything from our inspirations, collaborations, designs, printing, packaging, to our bank account is handled in Windsor. Therefore, you can be assured that your RARE Apparel purchase is truly supporting a local small business in Windsor.

Thank you for choosing to be a part of something that is so uniquely special to us. You inspire us to continue work harder. 

You are RARE.  

Stay fresh! Be RARE!

Tam Nguyen & Scott Bisson
RARE Apparel