Chapter 10: FORD CITY A True Underdog Story...

Collaborators: Sydney Taylor, Tribal Printing

Project: Model T Neigbourhoodie/Model Tee Communi-tee

Ford Assembly Line - 1924 - Picture from Windsor StarFord Model T assembly line in 1924 - picture from The Windsor Star

You can't celebrate Windsor without a Ford City tribute. Windsor's rich automotive roots have helped shape Windsor into what it is today. This is all thanks to the Ford Motor Company and the Model T.

In addition to the automotive influence, Ford City has also had a major role in influencing labour regulations in Canada. The Ford strike of 1945 saw 14,000 members of UAW Local 200 take to the picket line for an unprecedented 99 days. This strike is considered to be the most important event Canadian labour history.  

The debut of the Model T in 1908 marked the true beginning of mass car culture. With this beautiful piece of machinery being built right here in Windsor (Walkerville at the time), the Model T is a true symbol of the automotive impact that Windsor had on the world. Now, I won't get too deep into a history lesson here, but you can learn more info about the Model T through this link, and a little Google search sesh (that's Millennial-talk for session).

Hard economic times and industry decline over the years has contributed to Ford City's decline. But it's on the rise! Look beyond the surface and you will see a growing, supportive community that is working hard to improve their image and make their neighbourhood blossom once again. A true underdog story. 

Today, the Ford Windsor Engine plant is still located in Ford City. Open since 1923, this 39 acre property produces 6.8-liter V10 2-valve and 3-valve engines (which means little to me since I am a true Millennial and have close to zero car knowledge...).

The Design


Dreamt by us, designed by Sydney Taylor. We really wanted this design to have more of a "retro" vibe. We also wanted to capture the grit of the Ford City (Notice the stylized font?).

We included the Model T as it is the truest symbol of Ford Cit's roots. It is printed with white on navy to capture Ford's (a message to those that call the company "Fords"...the 's' works in this case!) company colours. 

This design is released as part of our Neigbourhoodies line as well as our Communi-tees. Just so you know, $5.19 from the sale of each Neighbourhoodie, and $2.26 from each Communi-tee goes back to benefit our local community! Be sure to get one while they last! 

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