Chapter 7: Cookin' Up Some Freshness with Arcata Pizzeria

Collaborators: Bob and Rina of Arcata Pizzeria, Sydney Taylor, Tribal Printing

Project: "Arcata" Tee

Those from around these parts know that Windsor-style pizza is truly world-class. Windsor pizza is something that Windsorites are relentlessly proud of - and for good reason! I didn't realize how good I had it here in Windsor until I tried some "out of town" pizza. It's really no comparison. In fact, I challenge anyone who wants to put their city's pizza against ours to step right up. I will no doubt be the one judging and making the final decision... (more pizza = winning). In fact, if you're from outta town and you would like to try some Windsor pizza, Arcata will ship one to you - real talk.

We wouldn't be truly repping Windsor if we didn't pay homage to our beloved pizza. Enter Arcata Pizzeria. When we first launched our company, we were invited to do a radio interview on AM800's The Morning Drive with Mike and Leah (big s/o to the AM800 crew for the support). After hearing our story on the radio, Bob Abumeeiz, owner of Arcata contacted us and wanted to do a design with us for his customers in time for Christmas. 

After a brief meeting to learn about the company, we were ready to roll out the dough (literally!). What some might not know, is that the sign in front of Arcata is actually a designated heritage landmark. I guess when you've been slinging delicious pizzas in the area for over 50 years you can earn that type of designation. This sign would form the foundation (or the crust) of our design. 

Here's a vintage photo of the infamous Arcata sign, courtesy of (damn, gas was 65 cents a litre - good times...)

And here's what the sign looks like today...

We needed a proven designer to put our idea into motion. Enter Sydney Taylor. After some research, we felt that the best way to make a meaningful design for this company was to incorporate words that we felt made up the foundation of Arcata's business (much better than just a picture of the sign, don't you think?). FUN FACT: Sydney added a personal touch by hiding a slice of pizza in the design - can you spot it?

The result: a delicious 3-company collaboration that reps Windsor to the fullest. Remember earlier I mentioned that Arcata will ship you a pizza to try? I wasn't lying. To date, they've shipped pizzas to: California, Toronto, British Columbia, Vancouver, London, Alberta, and Saskatchewan. Don't believe me? Read the article posted on the Windsor Star.

Bob Abumeeiz is no stranger to thinking outside of the pizza box, he even invented the Shawarma pizza (yes you read that correctly...Please refrain from drooling on your smartphone). We're just glad that he gave us the opportunity to deliver a design that we all can be proud of. 

Actually, here's the man of the hour: Bob Abumeeiz below...

Well, I'm officially starving now...

Stay fresh, Be RARE!


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