Chapter 4: "Border City LIV'n"

Collaborators: LIV Digital (Olivia Bauer)

Project: "Border City LIV'n"

Social media is a beautiful thing. Especially when it leads you to connect with talented up-and-coming local graphic designers such as Olivia Bauer. 

I first encountered LIV Digital through the Instagram grapevine. At this point, RARE had just been online for a couple of months, but our awareness was growing. At first, it was just the usual you-follow-me-I-follow-you stuff (well, at least I thought). It was near the end of July when Olivia first messaged us offering up some freelance work. So we exchanged casualties and that was that (so I thought again).

About 3 weeks later, Olivia came to us with an idea. She was working on a design that she felt would look good on some apparel. She showed us a sample and we were hooked! In fact, we had another design in the works that I felt was inline with the style of Olivia's design (for the other designs, you'll just have to check our other blog posts just like everyone else!). After some fine-tuning the result was this:

see the small white border around the border city logo - totally on purpose!

The next day I spoke to Olivia for the first time on the phone and it honestly felt like we had already known each other for years. We shared many similar interests in music (big ups to real hip hop!), style, swagger, etc. So naturally, I was assured that this collabo would work out splendidly - and it did! We decided that the design would look great on a charcoal heather crewneck sweater. 100% freshness guaranteed! 

Thanks Olivia for your ambition and for choosing RARE as a medium to outlet your creativity. To this day I have yet to meet Olivia in person (ahhh, the power of technology). However, we plan to meet at the Night Market on September 30. 

Be sure to check out LIV Digital and her unique minimalistic design style.

FUN FACT: Olivia just recently created a Windsor geofilter for Snapchat that is now live. Here is her IG post thanking her followers for using it. LIV loves Windsor. LIV is RARE. 



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