Collaborators: Sydney Taylor, Tribal Printing

Project: WINDSOR Neighbourhoodie/Communi-tee

At RARE, we geek out on telling stories through our apparel. If you've met us at one of our pop-ups, you'll know that we love sharing that story with you. 

It is no different with our WINDSOR design. Aside from being minimalistically dope, if you have a close look at the design, you may notice some familiar areas. This design celebrates some of the many neighbourhoods in our area that make Windsor great!

However, in true RARE fashion (no pun intended), we had to take this design one step further. You will notice that each neighbourhood represented corresponds to each letter of  WINDSOR. Don't believe me? Have a look and see if you can name all of the neighbourhoods in the design... (hint: it gets a little tricky towards the middle). 

I'll give you a moment to try to figure it out... (cue Jeopardy music).




OK... give up yet? Scroll down for the answers (SPOILER ALERT! Answers below)

W - is for Walkerville

I - is for (Via) Italia

N - is for... North Windsor (our response to being called South Detroit)

D - is for Downtown Windsor

S - is for Sandwich Town

O - is for Ottawa Village (shoutout to Tribal Printing - our local printing company)

R - is for Riverside

Did you notice that the N and D are connected by the little tunnel? Pretty cool, right? 

Well, now you know what it all means. And knowing is half the battle...Tell your friends! Available in a "Neighbourhoodie" and a "Communi-tee". Cop one today before they're gone!


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