CHAPTER 11: ADLxFuture Proof: The Future is Bright...

Collaborators: The ADL Scholarship, Gregory Edwards, Tribal Printing

Project: Future Proof "Writing Tools" Tee

When we started RARE, one of our goals was to create a design that post-secondary students would love. We wanted to create a design that was not only exceptionally dope, but benefited post-secondary initiatives. At the time, we weren't ready to take on this project yet. So we filed it in the "revisit later" pile... 

About the ADL Scholarship

Well, later came sooner when we were contacted by another local up-and-comer Cierra Bray (Founder of CGal Media & YQG Talks) about a collabo opportunity with her good friend Cessidia De Biasio. Cessidia is the impressive young leader behind the Addolorata De Luca (ADL) Scholarship. Cessidia founded the scholarship in memory of her late Nonna (Addolorata) to pay respect to our ancestors that immigrated to Canada to create a better future for their families (I know, pretty ambitions stuff, right?)

The Pitch

Cessidia is looking for assistance in transitioning the scholarship to an endowment. In order to get there, the ADL needs to raise $40,000 so that each year a deserving 1st or 2nd generation Canadian University of Windsor student will be awarded $1,500. We felt that this cause gave us the perfect opportunity to dig into the "revisit later" pile. (By the way, here's the site if you want to DONATE).

Future Proof is Born...

So... the brain juices started flowing, and the Future Proof brand was born - a separate branch of RARE Apparel (that is equally dope, of course). 

What is Future Proof?

To be Future Proof is to unlikely become obsolete (it's true... look it up). The goal of Future Proof is to celebrate investing in yourself. Whether it be through post-secondary education or learning a new skill or trade. We plan to give proceeds from each of our Future Proof designs to various causes that support higher education.

For this design, we are donating $5 from every shirt sold to the ADL Scholarship. We feel this scholarship genuinely celebrates our diversity - and that is a cause that we truly believe in. After all, both Scott and I are 1st and 2nd generation Canadians ourselves. We wouldn't be here if it were not for our ancestors travelling to Canada to pave the way for our future. 

Our hope is that our contribution can help Cessidia reach her $40,000 goal. 

ADLxFuture Proof "Writing Tools" Meaning

So, what does it all mean? From feather to stylus, the writing instrument is a symbol of evolution. Writing instruments essentially are future proof. They have evolved over the years to stand the test of time. This design is a metaphor for what we all should strive for (notice, the subtle shout-out to The Feather Hat man? Yeah, that was on purpose). summation:
Great cause? check.
Dope design? check. 
Collaborating with other ambitious people in our community? check. 

Ladies and gentlemen, I think we have a winner. You can get your ADLxFuture Proof "Writing Tools" tee here. Stay fresh! Support the ADL. Be RARE.



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