Chapter 2: RARE x WEtech: An Encounter of Heroic Proportions

Collaborators: WEtech Alliance (Designer: John-Marc Vachon)

Event: Mashable Social Media Day (#SMDay) - June 30, 2016

Project: "#YQG Love"

Those that are familiar with WEtech Alliance know that their dedication to the development of Windsor knows no bounds... In short, their focus is to "build a regional technology community that fosters entrepreneurship, innovation and collaboration...". 

Their vision (presumably of the X-ray kind -- this will make sense later. Keep reading) is right in-line with what we do. So naturally, when they reached out to us with an idea to collaborate for Mashable's 7th-annual Social Media Day (#SMDay), our Spidey-senses were tingling (once again, keep reading)! If you’re not familiar with Social Media Day, it’s an annual global celebration that highlights the contributions made by developers and social media enthusiasts alike. Mashable launched Social Media Day in 2010 as a way to recognize and celebrate social media’s impact on global communication.

Chalk It Up to #YQG Love

To celebrate #SMDay, WEtech hosted events throughout our region inviting participants to grab some chalk and take to the pavement to express your love for #YQG. This resulted in a plethora of fun and creative social media posts across the region:

The Collabo

In conjunction with the #SMDay events throughout the region, WEtech identified 34 individuals in our community as "Social Media Superheroes". What makes these individuals super is their ability to engage with our community and their devotion to making our region a better place. So we joined forces with WEtech to create a limited, special edition tee for our heroes (we wanted to give them all keys to the City, but unfortunately we didn't have enough).

The design was a comic-themed style #YQG logo, masterfully forged by John-Marc Vachon. Even Windsor's Mayor Drew Dilkens sported his superhero garb during Windsor's Canada Day Parade and Celebration. 

We would like to extend a virtual pound (or hashtag) to WEtech for their unrelenting efforts in developing our region. We are truly grateful for the support that they have provided to us and can't wait to see what the future holds. To be continued...



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